Fall Sports Information

Fall Sports Information
Posted on 2020/08/10

2020-21 Athletics Information



Cheer - 8/17/20
Badminton– 08.31.20

Cheer– 08.24.20

Cross Country– 08.24.20

Football– 09.07.20

Golf– 08.17.20

Swim- 08.24.20

Volleyball– 08.31.20


If you have questions regarding pre-season workouts, please contact the following coaching staff member for information.


Carol Teixeira- carol.teixeira@guhsdaz.org

Cross Country

Hilary McCarthy- hilary.mccarthy@guhsdaz.org


Aaron Walls– aaron.walls@guhsdaz.org


Megan Mittendorf– megan.mittendorf@guhsdaz.org

For information regarding a specific sport, please contact the following coaching staff members.

Badminton: Rudy Aguilar- rudy.aguilar@guhsdaz.org

Cheer: Carol Teixeira- carol.teixeira@guhsdaz.org

Cross Country: Hilary McCarthy- hilary.mccarthy@guhsdaz.org

Football: Aaron Walls- aaron.walls@guhsdaz.org

Golf: Daniel Coburn- daniel.coburn@guhsdaz.org

Swim: Matthew Groat- matthew.groat@guhsdaz.org

Volleyball- megan.mittendorf@guhsdaz.org