Apollo Key Club Brings Home International Win

Key Club Brings Home International Win
Key Club Wins

While school may have ended on May 23rd, Apollo Key Club still continued to do what they do best throughout the couple months that followed: making a difference in their community. Between the end of May and the end of July, they have already accumulated 276 hours of community service as a club for this upcoming school year. However, their biggest accomplishment of the summer occurred on the evening of July 6th.

Apollo is one of 112 high schools from Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso that make up the Southwest District Key Club. For the last 14 years, they have attended the annual District Convention and competed in a scrapbook competition where Key Clubs document everything they've done within that school year. Apollo Key Club has WON all 14 years and are super proud of their winning streak. However, this summer they set their sights a little higher and decided to see where they stacked up with the rest of the world. During the first week of July, Apollo Key Club President Ayanna Castillo, Vice President Jesus Santiago, Key Club Lieutenant Governor Alaya Alshemari, and one of their two Advisors, Linda Nguyen, attended the 2018 Key Club International Convention in Chicago, Illinois. This week long convention brought together over 2,000 Key Clubbers from 38 different countries, and is where Apollo entered the international scrapbook competition. On the evening of July 6th, they walked away with a victory! Apollo Key Club is beyond thrilled to announce that with a 3rd place trophy in their hands, they are now international winners and are among some of the best high school scrapbookers in the whole world.

They would also like to announce that on the same night, Apollo student and Key Clubber Alaya Alshemari was recognized in front of the entire convention as a recipient of the Robert F. Lucas Award for her outstanding achievements as a 2017-2018 Lieutenant Governor for the Southwest District and overseeing Key Clubs from 10 different high schools. Alaya Alshemari is now serving her second term as a Lieutenant Governor for the 2018-2019 school year, along with her new appointment as the 2019 Southwest District Key Club Convention Co-Chair.