Beth Ransom

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Period 1 - Eng 1-2 C

Period 2 - prep

Period 3 - Eng 1-2 C

Period 4 - Eng 1-2 C

Period 5 - lunch

Period 6 - Eng 3-4

Period 7 - Eng 3-4

Beth Ransom has been teaching at Apollo since 2007.  Ransom taught math and reading in California for five years before moving to Arizona.  When not teaching at Apollo, she likes to NordicTack, walk the dog, read and play

Ransom has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a minor in Mathematics, and a Secondary Teaching Credential in math and English from
California Lutheran University. Also, in 2012, Ransom completed a master's degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Ransom is a certified Link Crew Coordinator, and an active member of Arizona Education Association.