Robert Musselwhite

Robert Musselwhite


Robert Musselwhite

began teaching at Apollo High School after a 20 career in local government in three states, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona, as a County Administrator and City Manager.  He served as an elected City Council member for four years in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 

In addition to this work he was a professional pilot for 7 years and flew for four and a half years as an instructor pilot with the Airline Training Center of Arizona.  His students now fly jet airliners for Lufthansa German Airlines across the world.

Mr. Musselwhite was educated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C. where he received a degree in Political Science and at West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va. where he received a Master's degree in Public Administration.  In 2008 he was accepted in the graduate program at Arizona State University where he has completed credentials in education administration.  

Mr. Musselwhite has a heavy emphasis in his World History classes on the development of skills such as reading and writing.  In addition he expects his students to learn to organize and discipline themselves for future studies.  He believes that these skills are necessary to succeed in most situations that students will encounter later here at Apollo and in life.

World History provides a very interesting topic as students learn these skills.  A study of World History also helps them appreciate even more this special place we call the United States. 

Mr. Musselwhite begins each year by stating to each class that this is the United States of America and in this country every single person gets a chance.  Education is a big part of that chance.  He ends the year by saying to each student who has been in his class, that as long as they live he will be their teacher, and as long as he lives they will be his students.  

Mr.  Musselwhite would not have it any other way.