Physical Education

Our Physical Education Department is a first-class organization emphasizing the importance of fitness and athletics in an caring and respectful atmosphere. There is something for everybody in our department. Our hope is that every student who completes a course feels he/she was treated fairly and encouraged to progress while helping promote a positive self image.

The Apollo Physical Education Staff is dedicated to our students' total well-being and feel our classes should be fun, invigorating and challenging. We believe that by participating in our classes, carry-over skills can be developed to promote a lifetime of healthy activities.  Our teachers include:

Jared Aker
Jacob Marin
Jaclyn Nabor
Susan Prado Ortiz
Zack Threadgill
Ben Vega

Athletes are not given preferential treatment because physical education and athletics are completely separate. Our goal is to create an environment in which students will be provided the opportunity to participate in various physical activities and hopefully find one or more they can play throughout their lives. Current research suggests a regular program of physical activity can reduce stress and prevent many degenerative diseases.

We sincerely hope our classes will fit the needs of our students and allow for a healthy output of physical energy on a daily basis.

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Digital Citizenship