Understanding AzMERIT Results

Understanding AzMERIT Results

November 2015 – During the week of November 16, the results from your student’s AzMERIT test will be sent home. This test replaced the AIMS test and measures your student’s understanding of English language arts and math. The results should be viewed as a new, independent, assessment and not compared to the AIMS test.

Each student will receive an AzMERIT report, containing detailed information about how your child performed in English language arts and math, the two areas assessed by this test. AzMERIT represents just one of many measures that gauge your student’s academic progress. The results, while meaningful, are just one part of your child’s academic snapshot; homework, grades, and class participation are not to be overlooked as indicators of your child’s progress.

This year’s results may seem lower than what you have come to expect from your child. However, there is no need to be alarmed – it is normal for students to receive lower scores as they transition to taking a new test. As a district, we have also raised our expectations for all students and what they need to know and are capable of learning.

You may have questions related to your child’s test scores and how to read the report. Your child’s teachers and counselors remain your best resources for information. They can answer any questions you may have about how to use these results to support your child’s learning at home. We encourage you to review the results and contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. 

For more details about AzMERIT, visit www.azed.gov/assessment/azmerit.