Title One/SOAR Center

Title I is a federally funded program intended to help all students reach their full academic potential. At Apollo High School these funds are used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  •  Parent Events
  •  Freshmen Orientation
  •  Read 180
  •  Math Ascend
  •  LINK Crew - Apollo's freshmen transition program
  •  SOAR Center - Apollo's before and after school learning center
  •  Instructional Tutors in Classrooms

Leif Barsness is the head of the Title One department at Apollo, managing this program with the needs of our students and families in mind.  Our instructional tutors are Mark Martinez, Veronica Fimbres, Nate Torres, Katie Pendell, and Tracy McKernan.  These wonderful individuals are in math and English classrooms throughout the day, assisting our students and classroom teachers in their work and management of these classes.  Also, they tutor students before and after school in Apollo's Title One learning center called the SOAR Center, thus helping our students meet their full academic potential.

The SOAR Center - Site of Academic Resource
Room 806
Hours:       Before School: Monday - Friday from 7:00 - 8:00  (7:00-89:00 Wednesdays)
                  After School: Monday - Thursday from 2:40 - 4:00

*Monday-Thursday there is a late bus that runs at 4:00.

What can students do at the SOAR Center?
Get help with homework from our adult instructional tutors
    - Complete assignments, absent work, or unfinished tests
    - Use one of our 30 computers to type essays, do research, or check grades
    - Tutor fellow students or have a group study session
    - Have a calm, supervised environment to complete any school work
    - Study silently in our quiet cubicle area

In the morning, students are served breakfast, and in the afternoon they get a snack after working for 15 minutes.