WHAT is the PSAT? 

It is a Practice SAT that offers its takers a chance to take a test like the SAT in order to get the hang of the environment and test itself.  Also, it provides each tester personalized feedback and study suggestions to help when taking the true SAT. ASU, U of A, and NAU are basing scholarships on SAT and ACT scores.  Student's scores will be returned to them with the test booklet so they can read the questions in December through their English class.


WHO/WHY take the PSAT? 

  • SENORS DO NOT TAKE THE PSAT—They take SAT see counselor for test info.
  •  JUNIORS who want to practice for their upcoming SATs as well as those who want to compete for the National Merit Scholarship, which includes $50,000 to one’s college of choice if selected, should definitely test. We highly encourage all Juniors to take the SAT in Spring so they have an opportunity to retest if necessary Senior Year.
  •  SOPHOMORES who want as many opportunities to practice and receive feedback should also consider signing up. Juniors that took it as Sophomores have a better chance of getting a high score for the National Merit Scholarship. Practice makes perfect, after all. 


WHEN/WHERE is the PSAT offered? 

Take the PSAT Wednesday, October 16, 2019 
at Apollo’s  Auditorium or Big Hawk tbd
at 8:00 AM. Need to be there by 7:30 for check- in and seating.

NOTE: This is during a regular school day so although you will be excused, it will be your responsibility to get your work for 1st-4th period classes for the missed time.


HOW do I sign up my student for the PSAT ? 

  •  Bring it and $17 to AHS Bookstore by October 4, 2019.  NOTE:  Payment is non-refundable. Checks can be made to Apollo Bookstore.
  •  It is better to pay early so you can get the practice test to study.  There are also practice questions on .