Fry's "Cool Cash" helps support Apollo; sign up!

Fry's "Cool Cash" Helps Support Apollo; Sign Up!

Welcome to the COOL CA$H Program

You may now enroll in this year's program. You will receive an email confirmation within the next two weeks.

What is "COOL CA$H"

With your help, your child's school can earn up to $2,000 in cash rebates from Fry's Food Stores. COOL CA$H is part of our on-going commitment to Arizona's schools, children and their educational process. Through this and other similar programs, we have contributed over $12.2 million to Arizona schools.

It's Free and Easy to participate.

You can join together with your family, friends and neighbors to help your child's school earn cash with every shopping trip to Fry's. For every $50,000* in V.I.P purchases, Fry's Food Stores will mail a $500 check to your child's school to spend as they please.

Welcome to Fry’s "COOL CA$H" Earning for Learning 2012-2013 program. The attachment below contains your school barcode.

Information regarding the "COOL CA$H” program is available on the web at: