Apollo DECA


A club for active business and marketing students

Focus:  Professional development, community service, team building and personal growth.
Students operate a school store and earn money for scholarships, charities, and conferences.
The Apollo Clothing Closet is stocked and maintained by Apollo DECA.

2018-2019  A few of our ICDC Qualifiers moving on to Florida!

Apollo DECA

Region 7 Champions.  First in overall medal count -- 3 years running.
Apollo DECA
Apollo DECA

Apollo DECA 2017-2018 President, Emily Zahroon
$1,000 AZ DECA Scholarship Winner
National Qualifier:  Automotive Services Marketing

National Qualifier Emily Zahroon
Apollo DECA

7 Years Running:  National Qualifiers, International Competitors!

Apollo has qualified in:

Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Automotive Services Marketing
Business Financial Services
Buying and Merchandising
Food Marketing
Quick Serve Management
Financial Services Team Decisions
Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research
Hospitality Services Team Decision
Principles of Hospitality
Travel and Tourism Team Marketing  
Financial Literacy Promotion
Learn and Earn Project
Apparel and Accessories Marketing
Professional Selling
Retail Merchandising
Virtual Business Hotel Management
Virtual Business Finance
Virtual Business Accounting
Virtual Business Retail Management
Virtual Business Restaurant Management

DECA @ Homecoming Parade

Apollo DECA parade marching

Apollo DECA national role play competitors

National qualifiers Noah, Jonathan, Maddie, Morgan and Allen.  Maddie and Morgan, a Buying and Merchandising team, were also our first National Level Finalists!

Officer Team:
President, Maddie Heinzel
Vice President, Paola Mendivil
Treasurer, Jonathan Hernandez
Treasurer, Aaron Watchman
Treasurer, Hector Banuelos
Secretary, Emily Zahroon
Photographer/Historian, Cameron Campbell

Maddie and Paola DECA Leaders 


Aaron competed in Virtual Business Personal Finance, beating all of Arizona, the entire Western Region, every US Competitor, and in Live competition took 2nd place Internationally!  Aaron is the only person in Arizona to win top 3 in any competition at ICDC this year.  He took home over $2,000 in scholarship awards.
Apollo DECA Aaron Watchman Wins


Apollo DECA took 3rd place in the live Virtual Business International Competition and earned $1,500 in scholarship money.  16 teams from around the world, the best in each region, competed in 4 grueling rounds of a real-time computer simulations set to test their financial and technology skills.  Armando Arellano and Aaron Watchman are the only DECA members in the state of Arizona, in any event, to medal within the top 3 category.  They are HAWK STRONG!

Apollo DECA Wins

Apollo Hawks finished first in the United States in the DECA -Virtual Business Personal Finance competition qualifying rounds.  The Wolf Pack team of Armando Arellano, Aaron Watchman, and Brett Scorse beat 865 teams across the nation and now moved on to the live international competition in Nashville.

Apollo DECA competitorsKeep scrolling down please

J.W. Marriott Private Business Tour
October 22, 2015

DECA Business Students at the J.W. Marriott
35 Advanced DECA Business Students from Apollo and Greenway attended the first-ever private tour for business students at the J.W. Marriott at Desert Ridge.  Students were treated to a behind the scenes tour, and a business lecture from four industry experts in Marketing, Management and Human Resources.  This was an amazing opportunity and we are grateful to the Marriott for their partnership.

Verde Valley Train

Apollo DECA members studied hospitality, travel and tourism, retail and entrepreneurship concepts along the Verde Valley train and with local Cottonwood businesses.  Students also interviewed local restaurant owners at the Blazin M Ranch, and all over Jerome Arizona during this very successful overnight trip.  These real world experiences are priceless.

Officer team:  Armando Arellano, Maddie Heinzel, Jonathan Hernandez, Christian Anguiano, Paola Mendivil, Alma Ordaz Perez

Other notable conferences and activities:

The clothing closet was expanded by 100 square feet.  DECA members organized and sorted clothing donations for any student on campus.  Students from all grade levels received free clothing for job interviews and casual wear.

Horizon Middle School Financial Promotion Team:  Our leaders Maddie Heinzel and Morgan Kurtz formed a group of members and taught personal finance lessons with sixth grade students
Camp DECAlympics for leadership development in Heber, AZ

Fall Leadership Conference
Regional Competition
State Competition


The 2014-2015

DECA Officer Team:

Leaders of the 'Achievement Above All'
Student Organization

DECA Officer Team

Apollo DECA continues on as a nationally competitive chapter and won 2 National Medals!

At Nationals:  2 Apollo Teams won in live competition after 4 rounds of competition!

1.  Matt Johnston and Hector Jaramillo took 5th place
2.  Armando Arellano and Aaron Watchman took 6th place

Brett Scorce and Morgan Kurtz each also tested at the National Competency level, earning certifications.

Results of the State Competition:
Brett Scorse qualified in Sports and Entertainment MKT
Morgan Kurtz qualified in Principles of Hospitality and Tourism MKT

4 Hawks qualified in round 1 of the Virtual Business Challenge, 
beating out hundreds of schools across the nation.
Students qualified are: Matt Johnston, Hector Jaramillo, Sammy Lee, and Andrew Lam.

3 Hawks qualified in round 2 of the Virtual Business Challenge, and as a team took 1st place in the nation.
Students qualified are: Armando Arellano, Julio Baires and Aaron Watchman

2015 will be the 3rd year Apollo qualified for DECA Nationals.

Apollo earned more state medals than any
DECA chapter in GUHSD.

DECA competitors 
Maddie, Chris, and Sebastian

DECA Competitors
Anthony and Luis

DECA team event
Kelvyn and Dustin

Gearing up for competition
Malik and Pedro

DECA competitors
Dena, Karissa, and Brett

Apollo Competitors
A proud moment after the region competition

Two 1st Place Medalists
Two of our 1st Place Medalists:
Armando and Hector

Business Conferences Attended:

*63 members attended the Metro Region Conference at the Phoenix Convention center, January 14, 2015.  The Hawks dominated the competition with 17 first place medals and 62 metals given in total.  Some Hawks earned a medal for their test score, some for their business role play, and 17 were awarded first place by having the best combined scores.  It was a great day to be a DECA Hawk.

*43 members attended the Fall Leadership Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center, October 2014.  Students attended workshops specific to their career interests and life goals.

*10 members attended the Western Region Leadership Conference in Anaheim CA, November 2014.  Students enjoyed leadership seminars, career training, team building exercises, professional sales presentations, competition training and guest speakers from industry.

Current Community Service Projects:

The clothing closet is in full force with students receiving free clothing for business and casual use.  DECA members gather donations including nearly new clothing for job interviews, soaps, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and casual wear.  No questions are asked.  More than 60 students have been served this year so far.

Jonathan Hernandez started our involvement in the Teens for Jeans campaign and as a club we have collected over 80 pairs of jeans for homeless teen shelters.  Aeropostale has teamed up with local homeless shelters to distribute the jeans and will also award $5,000 to the organization that donates the most jeans.  The campaign runs through February.  Donations are accepted in room 108.  Plus sized mens jeans are most in demand.

The DECA Hawk's Nest is collecting $1 donations to the Arizona Humane Society in exchange for free hand sanitizer that was donated by the club.

A local businessman recently donated 900 shirts to the club and DECA members are preparing to sell, donate and distribute the merchandise to benefit multiple parties.

The Advanced Marketing members recently completed basketball highlights booklets which feature the varsity players.  Booklets are then sold at the games to raise funds for the teams, and sponsors have paid for advertising space.

Members collected funds and gifts for the Christmas Angel program and Treasurer Armando Arellano raised $100.00 in matching donations for our 12 year old angel recipient.

More Activities TBD...


AHS DECA flew to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2014
International Conference and Competition!

Four Apollo students qualified and represented not only Apollo, but Arizona DECA.  This is the second year in a row that we have qualified for nationals.
Gerald O'Connor and Julian Reyes competed in Travel and Tourism Marketing
They each earned NATIONAL COMPETENCIES for their test scores.

DECA at G.C.U.
Apollo DECA at Grand Canyon University-- 
Student membership has increased to 80+ members
 40 new professional and alumni members were added earning us the Century Award
Go Ahead, zoom in and see their business faces!

Advanced DECA
Advanced Marketing students on a school spirit Friday

The 2013-2014 team is off to a great start.  The regional competition results are in and we brought home 40 medals, many of which were first place regional champion medals.  

DECA 2013

Action Plan:
  • School Store- is up and running with a strong lead taken by our Freshmen members.  We opened on the first day of school this year because returning members set up shop before school started!
  • New Member Bowling Mixer- 50 members mixed with another DECA chapter for team bowling, food, and raffle prizes
  • CAMP Decalympics- 6 Seniors attended the annual Decalymics camp in Heber, AZ.  Our own Treasurer, Abby Mendez was on the winning team.  All officers learned leadership tips, attended many lectures on competition and written communication, practiced professional behaviors, and came back with the tools to lead our chapter:
Leadership Team
  • Palm Springs Business Workshop and Leadership Trip- 25 members attended and participated in the lecture provided by 2 long-time Honeywell employees.  Team building was strengthened at Soak City.
  • Clothing Closet- fully functional, donated inventory and total students served  increased.  We serve any student in need.  Many students wore donated clothing to our business competition and kept the attire for job interviews.
  • Christmas Angel- donations collected, purchases made:  2 skateboards, 2 helmets, 2 MP3 Players.  All donations were managed by the Salvation Army.  Our club President, Cassandra Reynolds organized the entire operation.
  • Apollo Carnival- Our DECA team worked to earn money for another club this year:  Cultural Awareness.  We sold snacks, water, fruit juice, jewelry, and painted faces and all proceeds benefited Ms. Gima's excellent program. 
  • President and Vice President attended the WRLC with Washington HS- Cassandra Reynolds and Stefany Puerto represented their chapter very well and learned competition strategies 
  • Elephants for Alzheimer's Research- Our chapter increased the campaign goal this year and hit $362.00 in donations.  Our chapter then voted to match all funds raised on campus.  We donated an additional $362.00 to the local Phoenix chapter for Alzheimer's patient support and research. Apollo joined with the superstars from Washington DECA to make an impact towards ending Alzheimer's.  WHS knows how to lead the way.
  • Regional competitions are January 8th at Grand Canyon University.  Apollo is bringing over 70 members to compete this year.  
  • We hit the National DECA membership campaign goal this year by increasing membership by 20 members in Alumni, Professional, and Student fields.   Our officers worked to meet the THRIVE level which includes an invitation to the national conference:
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  • Arizona Humane Society- DECA raised $97 so far this year towards helping animals at the Sunnyslope AHS location.   An additional $72 was raised in April during the Otter Pop donation drive in our store.
  • Basketball Program Support- Our Advanced DECA members took charge of a new idea to assist the boys and girls basketball teams in fundraising efforts.  Our members took photos of players and conducted player interviews to make 20+ page programs for each team.  The teams were able to sell the booklets at the games and showcase our fine Hawk athletes.  We are very proud of the programs and our teams.
  • National DECA New York Experience- 11 members attended the business conference in New York City!  Students were given behind the scenes tours and workshops by Madison Square Gardens, Berkeley College, Buca di Beppo, Planet Hollywood, Young Fashion Designers and much more.  Five days in New York was priceless.***
DECA New York

Fall, Round 1 Virtual Business Competitions -- VERY Fierce.  Many Apollo competitors were in the top 20 in the state.  Our students are looking forward to winning in the Spring, Round 2.  Gerald O'Connor and Aaron Tse were very close contenders. Go Hawks!

More Coming soon!


The 2012-2013 chapter had four national qualifiers and competed at the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Lisa Falkner and Rene Grijalva competed in Virtual Business, winning in 3 rounds and making it all the way to the quarter finals.

April Romero and Abel Badillo competed in Retail Merchandising and Professional Sales and each earned National Competency.

Our entire chapter is very proud of the effort and dedication required for our successes at the regional, state, and national competitions.

DECA at Nationals in Anaheim, CA
Two of Apollo's finest at Nationals

AHS DECA advanced to the quarter finals at Nationals
Virtual Business Competitors--
We advanced to the quarter finals at the national level!

Our members earned $8,500 in DECA scholarships this year.

DECA Fall Leadership Conference 2012-2013

What a fine group of business and marketing students.

Fall Leadership Conference

We are off to an exciting school year in DECA!  Membership is up by 20 students, and we have already planned and participated in many educational experiences.

Students designed new shirts and voted on the final design created by Jessica Gamez-Diaz.

Plans and activities for the year:

Officer Leadership Camp, DECALYMPICS, Heber AZ
  -The entire officer team attended and learned valuable officer skills:
  -President:  Rene Grijalva
  -Vice President:  Lisa Falkner
  -Secretaries:  Brianna Coulombe and Jamila Khan
  -Treasurers:  Evelin Peters and Cassandra Reynolds

Fall Break leadership trip and business conference
  -Students went to Disneyland, Knottsberry Soak City, and a professional business lecture in Palm Springs.
Fall Leadership Conference, October 31st
   -Students attended the DECA conference with custom workshops in entrepreneurship, management, team building, and becoming a leader.  After the conference students supported a family owned restaurant and attended the SUNS game.
Open Mic Poetry Hosting in the Hawk's Nest
  -Dates are set, poetry has been read

Western Region Leadership Conference, November
    -President, Rene Grijalva attended in Seattle, WA
    -While at the conference he also competed in Virtual Business remotely

Virtual Business DECA competition
    -Round 1, Rene Grijalva and Lisa Falkner have qualified for the national competition in Anaheim, CA by taking 3rd place in the restaurant management division for the Western Region.  They will compete in Anaheim, CA this spring.
    -Our chapter is currently competing in Round 2 in the personal finance, retail, and restaurant management divisions.  Winners in the personal finance division can earn a $500.00 scholarship check from H & R block which covers all travel, meal and clothing expenses for competition in Anaheim, CA.  Good Luck! 
Alzheimer's Charity Fundraising
  -Students sold elephants for $1 and earned $264.00 towards finding a cure for Alzheimer's.  Elephants were hung in the store, and the participant could dedicate the elephant to honor someone special.
  -Students gathered money and toy donations for an Apollo family in need.   CTE teachers came together in full force to give generously to a very large family.  Rudy Aguilar, Judy Carpenter, and Andy Kuntz joined DECA to offer many presents, gift cards, and spectacular clothing so that some lucky Apollo family could enjoy a better Christmas.

Spare Change for Humane Society
    -DECA collected $43.00 for the Sunnyslope Humane Society by promoting a spare change jar in the Hawk's Nest.  Customers and employees gave change and we know that every little bit helps.
January 15th Metro Region DECA Competition
    -Apollo came out in full force earning a whopping 40 awards!
    -Every officer tutored others and brought home at least one medal.
    -Our freshmen students surprised us as first time competitors earning 2 medals!
    -Terriana Dennis and Diego Lopez impressed the judges enough to get top 3 in their events, and there were at least 60 freshmen to beat out for this honor.
    -More than 700 students competed face to face in business and marketing events and our DECA chapter brought that Apollo Excellence that we are known for.  We earned 28 top 3 medals, 10 test medals, and 4 first place trophies. 
    -First place trophies were earned by:  Brendan Culligan, Hector Jaramillo, Julian Reyes with partner Jennifer Le, Michael Hunter with partner John Smalley.

Lake Havasu Leadership Trip February 22-24*

State DECA Competition, March 4-6
  - We had 4 National Qualifiers

Apollo DECA earned 28 medals at the regional conference and had 3 state-level medalists.  This year has been explosive!  Our new school store, the Hawk's Nest, is a success, our membership has skyrocketed, and our charity involvement has grown exponentially. 
60 Apollo Competitors at the GCU Regional Conference

DECA at carnivalState DECA Competitors
DECA ready for competitionDECA at Rustler's Roost

activities are co-curricular; students work in class, during special events, in the school store, and after school.   

We invite you to our new school store, the Hawk's Nest.  Our DECA students have designed a beautiful retail establishment with healthy choices, a positive work environment, reasonable prices, and a student-centered ambiance.  Every aspect of the business is managed by Apollo business and marketing students.  All funds earned support DECA activities, student scholarships, and charity contributions.  Our members learn job skills and confidence as they work as a team.  Junior and Senior officers can become store managers.

Take a Business, Marketing, or Advanced Marketing class and join us in DECA!

Many scholarship opportunities are available.