Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness Club

Raising the awareness of environmental issues for the Apollo High School community.

In recent years, the Apollo High School Environmental Awareness Club has:

Taken field trips to places such as Arcosanti and the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

Kept a bulletin board of current environmentally sensitive events from media sources

Sold canvas bags as alternatives to plastic or paper shopping bags.

The Environmental Awareness Club
is sponsored by David Devlin and meets in room 1001 in building 10.
Environmental Awareness Club TIP OF THE WEEK:
If you drink coffee, please bring your own container - metal, glass or ceramic.  This not only saves the school and district money, but is easier on the environment.  The manufacturing of styrofoam is highly polluting.

Bring your mug - it's high fallutin'
If you don't it's high pollutin'

Take your own canvas or nylon reusable bag(s) with you when you are shopping.  You can buy these at swap meets, garage sales OR from Apollo's Environmental Awareness Club!  Many cities and even countries have banned plastic shopping bags...Join the environmentally concientious today!



                                ACTION TIP: MEATLESS MONDAYS
The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization estimates the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions, far more than transportation. Reining in meat consumption at least once a week can help reduce your carbon footprint and save resources like water and fossil fuel. Why not try
Meatless Mondays?

Visit our friends at MeatlessMonday.com, and learn more about the impact of your food choices, and check out TheFamilyDinnerBook.com for some of my favorite Meatless Monday recipes.