Academic Decathlon



Our mission is to promote, motivate and acknowledge excellence in academic efforts and educational achievement through a program of academic competitions for Apollo High School students, of all scholastic achievement levels.

Our goals are to encourage students to excel in academic pursuits by promoting enthusiasm for learning, developing a spirit of competition, working as a member of a team, participating in peer tutoring, undertaking interdisciplinary study, emphasizing preparation and research, acquiring an understanding of the fine arts and increasing communication skills.

Apollo High School competes in the Arizona Region 2 Academic Decathlon tournament each winter, around the 1st weekend in February.  The 2019 Region 2 Competition will be held on Jan 31 and Feb 1.  There are 10 scholastic and performance events including public speaking, being interviewed, essay writing, tests in art and music, math, history, science, literature and a super quiz competition at the competition's end.  Each year there is a theme that the competition is centered around.  In 2019-2020, the United States Academic Decathlon® theme is In Sickness and in Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness.
The name of the Novel is: Frankenstein

Coaches are  Kari Treiber and Bill Coen.  
The essay proctor is Mr. Randal Yard.

Our Academic Decathlon Team is:

Keilianne Devlin                                                      Belen Magana Armenta
Madison Ely                                                                Aliza Morales
Xiomara Espinosa Jimenez                                Ava Palomino
Jessica Flores Valtierra                                         Irene Ramos
Railey Lewis                                                                 Maria Rye