Congressional Art Contest

Congressional Art Competition 2012

For the second year in a row, Clara Kesti has won the
Ben Quayle Congressional Art Competition for a charcoal self-portrait. 
She and her sister will be flying to Washington D.C.
to see her work hang in the capitol. 
Along with her plane fare, and hotel accomodations being paid for,
Clara won $750 cash and a $10,000 scholarship to
the Art Institute of Phoenix.


Clara Kesti
"First Masquerade"
Black & White Charcaol with Sanguine Conte

Congressional Art Competition 2011

History was made this year as Apollo won all three congressional art competitions in the same year!  Congratulations to Adrienne, Klaudia, and Clara. All three students won a trip to Washington D.C. to see their work hanging in the capitol, plus won scholarships to the Art Institute of Phoenix.

Toe 2 Toe

Adrienne Ontiveros
"Toe 2 Toe"

Secret's Out

Clara Kesti
"Secret's Out"
White Charcoal


Klaudia Wach
"Quench My Thirst"

Congressional Art Competition 2010

Congratulations to Phillip Conte, a junior, for winning the 2010 Trent Franks Congressional Art Competition.  Not only did he win 1st place, but Phillip also won 2nd and 5th place.  His total winnings included 2 plane tickets to Washington D.C. and $1350.  What makes this extra special is that Phillip is the only student in the history of the contest to place three times in the top 10 before.



Charcoal & Pastel



Charcoal & Pastel




Congressional Art Competition 2009

Congratulations to Justin Ayala for winning the Ed Pastor Congressional Art Contest in April.  Justin won three airline tickets to Washington D.C. to view his drawing of his cousin "Nikki".  His drawing will hang in the capitol for one year.  Justin also won a $15,000 scholarship to the Art Institute of Phoenix.  Added to the scholarship, Justin won as a sophomore and junior with his total winnings of about $72,000.


Black & White Charcoal on Pink Paper