Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department is one of the most dynamic and active departments for students at Apollo High School. 

Students have numerous opportunities to perform, compete and support each other in a variety of venues from AHS auditorium to the Riverside Church in New York City to Carnegie Hall.

The department performs for the student body at assemblies, games and the Performing Arts Assembly in November. 

4 years of performing arts is available at Apollo High School.


Performing Arts Class Offerings

Alyssa McMichael - Dance:


Beginning Dance:

In the Beginning Dance class, students start with the basics of dance: ballet.  From there, they work their way up to hip-hop and jazz.  Along the way, they are taught proper warm-up techniques and dance terminology.  Students are tested on their ability to evaluate their own performances.  After learning some of Mrs. McMichael’s choreography, the students have a chance to make up their own dances for the shows.

Intermediate Dance:

The Intermediate Dance class consists of students who have already taken the Beginning Dance class or who have extensive prior dance experience.  Intermediate students review some of the basics of dance, such as ballet, dance terms, jazz, and hip-hop.   Early in the year, students learn dances choreographed by Mrs. McMichael, but they are soon off choreographing their own pieces.  They often choreograph independently and teach their dances to other students who would like to be in the piece.

Advanced Dance

Performance Dance



Gabriel Lugo - Advanced
Orchestra                 Band picture

Intermediate Band

Jazz Band


Michael Frongillo- Vocal Music:


                           choir picture






Michael Frongillo, Gabriel Lugo - Piano:




Students are assigned an individual piano keyboard.  Students work independently with headphones at their own stations each day.  Students must have a higher level of maturity to be able to work independently on their own assignments.  Every week students are required to play their assignments aloud for the teacher.  Every 2 weeks, students are required to memorize their piece and play in front of the class.  At the end of each semester, each student performs as a soloist in the auditorium on stage in front of a public audience. 


Phillip Herrington - Theatre

                            theatre picture           

Theatre 1-2

Beginners learn theatre terminology and performance techniques. Have no fear if you get stage fright. We start at the beginners level and take baby steps.

Theatre 3-4

Intermediate class digs deeper in acting techniques and stagecraft. If you are interested in set building, this is the class for you.

Theatre 5-8

The advanced class for Juniors and Seniors to direct and stage class productions.