Reading Counts

Overview of the Program

Overall, the purpose of Reading Counts is to empower students to become better, independent readers. Students may choose to read a book from the Reading Counts list. The list contains books on various topics and reading levels. After the student has read the book, he/she will take a computer generated quiz to evaluate comprehension. The results of the quiz allow the student and teacher to monitor and improve student progress. Students will build vocabulary and comprehension skills.

How to find a Reading Counts book in the Media Center

Reading Counts books are marked with an orange label on the side of the book. To browse the list of books:
  1. start at the online catalog
  2. click the tab for a VISUAL search
  3. click on Reading Counts button

    screen shot

  4. to view the list of books -  click on Reading Counts List

    screen shot

  5. to view how Lexile reading levels and Reading Counts reading levels correlate - click on Lexile & Reading Level  Map

Research supporting Reading Counts

To read more about the Reading Counts program visit  Scholastic for more information.