Book Buzz

  Every two to three weeks the Library Lady will feature books she highly recommends. Book Buzz can be seen on the video announcements during 3rd hour. The recommended books will be on display in the Media Center. See you there!

 Uglies Series
by Scott Westerfeld

Tally's world evolves around extreme beauty.Tally finds out other things change when you become a PRETTY. It makes her doubt her world. Read the series to find out what happens to Tally and her friends.

Book 1 ~ Uglies
Book 2 ~ Pretties
Book 3 ~ Specials
Book 4 ~ Extras


Frankenstein Series
by Dean Koontz

A new twist to an old tale. Once you start reading, you'll be hooked!

Book 1 ~
Prodigal Son
Book 2 ~ City of Night
Book 3 ~ Dead and Alive
Book 4 ~
Lost Souls
Book 5 ~
The Dead Town

The Darkest Powers Trilogy
by Kelley Armstrong

Something is wrong with Chloe. She sees dead people. This puts her in a home for troubled teens. Read the trilogy to find out the real secrets behind Chloe's dark powers.

Book 1 ~
The Summoning
Book 2 ~
The Awakening
Book 3 ~ The Reckoning