Foreign Language

The teachers in the Foreign Language Department are: 

  • Cynthia Apodaca 
  • Emily Berger
  • Georgina Gunnoe
  • Kathryn Johnson
Homework Guidelines

Learning a foreign language in the classroom is a difficult task due to the limited amount of time available to the student to practice the target language and the material covered. Therefore, it is essential that the student review the vocabulary on a daily basis in order to retain language skills.

Homework is one method used to ensure review of skills learned. Students should follow the guidelines below when doing all work:

1. Schedule your homework time into your daily activities.
2. Do your own work. Copying does not equal learning.
3. All work must be neat and legible.
4. All assignments must be complete before coming to class.
5. All assignments are due at the beginning of the next class period unless otherwise specified.
Points for homework assignments are:
10 points - each assignment completed before entering the class or assignments completed after being absent
5 points - assigments finished in class OR late assignments handed in by the end of the week
0 points - assigments not done or that are copied

Makeup Work

Students who are not in class are responsible for finding out what they have missed and for making up the work. It is the student's responsiblity, not the teacher's.

Students need to:
1. Check the calendar for activities done in class
2. Check the folders for any worksheets
3. Check with a partner for notes
4. Fill out a Learning Center form for any missed quizzes or tests
All missing work must be handed in to the teacher or the student will not receive credit for the assignment.
The consequences for not attending the scheduled Learning Center will result in a ZERO for that particular test or quiz.

Attendance & Tardies
There is a direct relationship between academic success and regular, punctual school attendance. Attendance and punctuality are the sole responsiblity of the student and his/her family.
ON TIME means: The student is in his/her seat assigned seat, with appropriate materials out, and is ready to work before the tardy bell rings.
Any student not in his/her seat prepared to work when the tardy bell rings will be "swept" into a sweep room for the entire period. This will count as ONE ABSENCE for the class period.
A student who reaches his/her thirteenth (13th) absence and/or tardy may lose credit for the class.

Learning Centers
Foreign Language Learning Center is available four days each week. All missed quizzes and tests will be made up during a scheduled Learning Center and not during class time.
The schedule is:
Monday after school: 2:45-3:30
Wednesday morning: 8:30-9:20
Thurday after school: 2:45-3:30
Friday morning: 7:10-7:45

Required Materials

The student is responsible for bringing his/her own materials. Everyday the student needs:
  • a pencil
  • a blue or black pen
  • a 3-ring notebook with paper or
  • a spiral vocabulary notebook and a folder for handouts


Grades will be given at the end of each quarter. A student's total points earned each quarter will equal their grade.
Total point percentages are:
1 = 90-100%
2 = 80 - 89%
3 = 70 - 79%
4 = 65 - 69%
The semester grade will be based on:
quarter 1 = 40%
quarter 2 = 40%
semester exam = 20%
It is the student's responsibility to check grades and make up all missing work. Grades are posted regularly in the classroom and are available on the web via Infinite Campus.