Social Work Services

                    APOLLO HIGH SCHOOL 
                     SOCIAL WORK SERVICES

Deborah Dunn

*Emotional Support
*Family Support
*Support Groups
*Referrals to Community Agencies
*Financial Assistance (school lunches, food boxes, school supplies, etc)
*Diversity Trainings
*Referrals for Medical Services and Health Insurance
*Adopt-A-Family Holiday Assistance
*Crisis Response
*Clothing Closet

Social Worker Referrals
Concerned teachers, family members, or peers may refer students to the social worker for a variety of reasons.  Administrators may refer students for violation of school policy.  Any student may request to be in a support group or receive emotional support.  The services and supports provided by the school social worker are free.  Additionally, the social worker will make every effort to refer students to outside agencies that offer services for free or on a sliding scale.  The social worker protects student confidentiality.

The social worker plays an important role in helping to increase communication among the home, school, and community.