Counseling F.A.Q.

Questions & Answers

I’m moving into the Apollo attendance area. How do I enroll my student? 

If you are moving into our attendance area, you may make an appointment to register with the counseling secretary at (623) 435-6304. In order to enroll, you must provide the student’s birth certificate, proof of address (utility bill), transcripts, immunization records, and legal paperwork (such as custody papers) if the student is not living with both parents. 

If you are transferring during the school year, you will also need to bring a withdraw form from previous school and a copy of grades–in-progress. Please tell the secretary if your student receives special services, such as ELL, gifted classes, or has an IEP.

What services does the Apollo Guidance Department provide?

The Apollo Guidance Department offers services in the academic/educational, career, and personal social areas. For example, we...

  • Advise students on class selections as it relates to their educational and career plans
  • Provide resources for college and career planning
  • Make information available about scholarship and financial aid resources
  • Arrange parent-teacher conferences when there are concerns about academic progress
  • Provide classroom presentations regarding ECAP-Education Career Action Plans (4 year plans), credit checks, and career planning
  • Facilitate career exploration and interest inventories to assist students with career plans using AZCIS Computer Program
  • Provide students and parents with test Interpretation and information for: SAT, PSAT, PSAT 10, ASVAB, ACT, Practice ACT,  AIMS Science, AZ Merit, and Advanced Placement

How do I access these services?

In order to deliver maximum information to all students, the counselors rely on classroom presentations, Highlights (the parent newsletter), the Hawk Talk newsletter and this website.

We are more than happy to meet one-on-one with students and/or parents who would like to discuss their specific plans; appointments for these meetings should be scheduled through your student's counselor. This method of providing information has two advantages: (1) it ensures that all students receive basic information (2) it allows more focused time in individual conferences because we aren’t repeating the same basic information to each of our 470 plus counselees.

In order to protect classroom instructional time, counselors do not routinely call students out of class to provide information on colleges, scholarships, or careers. This can be done before or after school.

How do students and parents see the counselors?

Students may see counselors before and after school or by signing in at the counseling office (located in the administration building) during lunch or before and/or after school.  The counselor will send for students in a timely manner. Please remember, we might be doing individual four year plans, credit checks in the classroom or other tasks, but we make an effort to get to you within 24 to 48 hours. If a student has a crisis situation that can’t wait for an appointment, there will always be someone available to talk with the student.

Parents would need to call their student's counselor to set up an appointment before or after school.  The counselor's hours are 7:30 - 3:30 PM.

What services does the Social Worker provide?

The social worker assists students with personal and social concerns. Some of these services are provided in collaboration with the counselors.

Provide students and parents with a list of agencies, clinics, hospitals, or private therapists where therapeutic counseling seems appropriate.

  • Facilitate support groups for interested students
  • Provide crisis counseling for personal concerns that are affecting school performance
  • Individual counseling and referrals to outside agencies
  • Mediation
  • Food and economic assistance referrals

How do I see the social worker?

Students may refer themselves, and or concerned teachers, family members, or peers may refer them. Mrs. Dunn is located in the counseling office (inside the administration building) and you can ask her to send a pass for you. Also, any student can request to be in a support group and/or receive counseling.

How do I make a schedule change? 
We urge students to read course descriptions and consider very carefully the courses they select during the pre-registration period up to February 1st. Our master schedule is created after all students have pre-registered, and is based on total number of course requests. For example, if 60 students request a particular class, two sections will be offered; if only 30 students request the class, only one section will be offered. Therefore, after the master schedule has been created, there are very few slots available for changes to be made. In general, schedule changes will be made only for academic reasons for example: took the course in summer school, failed the prerequisite for the course, have a medical reason to not take the course (broken leg – PE), a senior needs to add a course for graduation. We cannot accommodate requests to change lunch hours or teachers.


How can I earn college credit while in high school?

There are several ways to earn college credit while in high school. These include taking AP high school courses, dual enrollment  with some Honors and AP courses, and CLEP tests.  See your Honors/AP teachers for more information on dual enrollment. Some students are able to begin college as a sophomore because of the number of credits they have earned in high school. To earn credit through AP, students must be enrolled in the AP course at Apollo and make certain scores on the AP exam. CLEP tests are administered by the College Board. ASU West offers CLEP testing (602) 543-9378.