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ALC Website Resource List

Language Arts

Help organizing and writing good essays.

Lots of strategies for English such as writing essays and organizational info


Games to help with writing

Proofreading and plagiarism and writing suggestions

Has multiple websites for writing


Math    thousands of  webpages for math teachers and students

Lesson plans pintable’s and more

Brain teasers, games, puzzles, and more

Games, worksheets, interactive white board activities.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students through vision, leadership, professional development and research.

High school math search engine.  Power points, lessons, activities

Short video lessons pre algebra, algebra, geometry. This online community includes teachers, students, researchers, parents and educators who have an interest in math and math education. The site includes Ask Dr. Math, Problems of the Week, discussion groups and much more. Customized by grade level and topic, AAA Math features explanations of various mathematical topics, practice problems and fun, challenging games. This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts. Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site helps families enjoy mathematics outside school through a series of fun and engaging challenges. Math Cats provides playful explorations of important math concepts through games, crafts and interactive projects. Includes a magic chalkboard and an art gallery. . This lively, interactive Web site, based on the popular BBC Schools Television series “Megamaths,” is for practicing and testing times tables. The Math League, designed for students in fourth grade through high school, specializes in math contests, books and computer software. The “Help Facility” is handy reference guide for math topics complete with examples, definitions and explanations. This site includes 17 original games based on soccer, car racing and much more Other games include Math Baseball, where a child can score runs with correct answers and Operation Order, where students can build pyramids with their knowledge of algebra.   Games, Videos.  Word problems math videos, can enter any equation and get the answer.  Free trial to homework checker that will show work for the equations.  Also Science resources.  math lessons and tutorials, graphing calculator ( Offers on-line graph and grid paper in PDF format.



Social Studies

covers different time periods of world history as well as US history – includes pictures, documents, maps

covers subjects in government, US history, algebra, calculus, biology, physics, and environmental science

can read text or watch a movie, also includes particular text by textbook (some of ours are listed)

good geographical photos – somewhat limited though