Emily Wlodkowski


Emily Wlodkowski


About Me

Hello, my name is Emily Wlodkowski and I teach English 1-2 and English 3-4 here at Apollo High School. I graduated from within the Glendale Union High School District from Moon Valley High School. I earned my Bachelor's degree in English from The University of Arizona in 2011. Recently, in 2013, I completed my Master's degree in Teaching and Teacher Education from The University of Arizona as well. 

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Email: Emily.Wlodkowski@guhsdaz.org


Period 1: English 1-2
Period 2: Prep
Period 3: English 1-2
Period 4/5: English 1-2
Period 6: English 3-4
Period 7: English 3-4