Derek Garrido

Mr. Garrido - Algebra 2 & Statistics

Room 309, the corner of the school.

1st hour - Algebra 2
3rd hour - Algebra 2
4th hour - Statistics
6th hour - Algebra 2
7th hour - Algebra 2

Animal of the year: fox.

Algebra 2 - Calculators: (Not required for class; however, they are extremely useful.) I recommend using the Ti-30XS multiview calculators or the Ti-36X Pro. Either will work, depends on what you're planning on going onto in the future.

Statistics: This one is tricky, as I haven't taught this class before so I'm not sure of which calculator to recommend. I will do my best to get a class set of an appropriate calculator. If you have a Ti-83 or Ti-84, you're definitely good. If you don't have one of those, hold out for a bit and we'll play it by ear this year.

Useful links:

Khan Academy - Algebra is a great resource with many online videos for pretty much any Math (or other content areas) from Algebra, Geometry, all the way up to Differential Equations+. Just search for the topics we're covering and watch. is, as an understatement, an online calculator. It's a great resource to learn from if you get stuck and need to see details. It can do things from factoring to graphing to answering questions about life.