Play/musical extra credit
What are the parts of a review?

Consider this formula when setting up your review. 

Introduction: Sets up the play. Who is the playwright? What company is putting on this play? What is the context of the production (school show, community theatre, touring show, Broadway)?

Execution: How is the play executed? What is the director’s vision? What is unique about the interpretation? What’s the style? How do the individual parts fit together to make a whole?

Specifics: Is there anything unique about this production? Who is the director? What else have they done? Who are the leads? Is this a premiere or a remount?

Opinion: Is the production successful in its execution? Why or why not? Is there something out of place within the individual parts (lights, sound, set, costuming, vision, acting)? What stands out? Does the acting bring the play to life? Does the vision suit the intention of the play?

For an example of how a review, click here.