Mrs. Carpenter’s Classroom Policies and Course Outline
(Child Oriented Occupational Program)
Grades: 11th, 12th Year
 2 Credits (Classroom Instruction-1hour)
     (Lab- Preschool Instruction- 1 hour)
  Child Development
This course gives student’s on-the-job training at the Apollo High School C.O.O.P Program. This pre-school is designed for students who will be teaching, supervising, and using positive methods of discipline. They will also study day-care operations along with semester project. COOP was established to expose students to the possibility of working with children in challenging careers in fields related to education, medicine/health, business or recreation. Students will gain hands-on experience by working one hour a day in the preschool along with an additional hour for classroom instruction and lesson planning. Students will learn how to experiment and interact with young children. Students will also learn how to guide a child’s behavior, observe the sequence of how children learn, and gain knowledge in early childhood education.
.      Topics to be covered:
·        Understanding 2, 3 4 and 5 year olds development
·        Positive Guidance and discipline
·        Daily routines
·        Communicating with young children
·        Curriculum Development
·        Designing age appropriate lessons
o       Math
o       Science
o       Art
o       Language
o       Music
o       Physical Education
·        Nutritious meals and snacks
·        Designing a preschool
·        Planning field trips
·        Health and Safety
·        Bulletin Board monthly project
·        GCC- Required Lessons/projects
·        FCCLA Star State Competition
Materials and Assignments:
          Each student must have a folder containing handouts (lab plans, curriculum lesson books, notes, etc)
Expectations of Students and Obligations:
IMPORTANT: This class is about the safety and education of the children. Each student needs to contribute to the education process of the preschooler. The children rely on your well-planned lessons, positive behavior, and attitude and teamwork ability with each other along with the preschool staff. Support and true individual dedication will help shape the Apollo preschool into a well adaptive learning environment for the young children.
Please understand that is it the teachers  right to remove any student from the class who is not meeting the expectations of curriculum. If any student is caught doing the following things, they will
Lesson Plans:
          Well-Developed lesson plan are mandatory for classroom success. Each group needs to compromise, communicate, and effectively plan age appropriate activities for the preschoolers. Whatever hour your coop lab is, your group will plan subject-based activities for the children of Apollo Preschool. During 4th hour, student will design, plan, organize and prepare lessons for the following week.  Each person will be responsible for creating their own lessons. They will be graded based on content, materials and instruction.
Rules to be followed:
                   Must get lessons approved for each theme. _____________
                   Thematic lessons should not duplicate in anyway.__________
                   Each person must put in equal time and work. _____________
                   During 4rd hour, group needs to be busy at all times. ________
Materials and sample lesson plans must be collected and gathered 1 week prior to theme. ___________
**If by any chance there is down time, group can be organizing, cleaning or preparing lessons for the following week. __________
          All school rules and policies found in the handbook will be followed. If you are absent that absence does not excuse you from missed work or your instructional teaching. It is your responsibility to call before 8:00 am. If you do not call, you will loose the total points for the lab and will not be able to make-up the lesson. This class is 2 credits if you miss the required days, you will be dropped from both class.
Make-up work:
          During learning center is the only time one can make up their lesson. Please tell Mrs. Grosse the day you will be making up your lesson.
          Grades are based on the total number of points earned in class.
          There are 2 sets of grades:
 Lab grade: Instructional Teaching – 100pts per week (content, organization, individual and group work)
Participation grade: During field you are responsible for helping out the other members in your group.
Classroom grade: Handouts, notes, projects, daily participation, curriculum planning, teamwork, and club events.