Key Club grants terminally ill child's wish
Key Club grants terminally ill child's wish

Apollo Key Club starts off new school year by contributing to a terminally ill local’s birthday wish! When Jacob Priestley, an autistic boy from Queen Creek Arizona, was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. A very rare and fatal illness that slowly destroys every organ in the body.


For his 15th birthday this year, Jacob wanted to receive 100,000 cards. He hopes through granting his wish, people will become aware of mitochondrial disease, and maybe one day discover a cure.


In addition to bringing awareness, Jacob's well wishers are giving him something else that he never really had. Friends. Being autistic, Jacob has extreme difficulty making friends. However, his parents are thrilled to report that with each card Jacob opens, he feels like he has a new friend. Thanks to Apollo Key Club, Jacob now has 42 more friends who spent 3 days making him 122 birthday cards.


As of his birthday on August 28th, Jacob has received over 60,000 cards! His dad says they are still receiving lots of cards in the days afterwards and are eagerly waiting to do another count. There hasn't been an update since then, but Key Club can only hope that Jacob has achieved his dream of 100,000.
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