Meet the teachers

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Welcome to AHS Preschool.  We would like to introduce our staff.  We have three adult staff members that supervise the program and work with your children every day,  Jeanine Busse (Director), Adriana Polanco (Assistant Director), and an afternoon teacher (TBD). 

Our program is designed to work in conjunction with the Early Childhood Development classes taught by our Program Coordinator, Beverly Ducey.  We partner with high school students who choose to devote their time and talents to learning how to educate young children.  This means that your child will be in a classroom where there is one teacher for approximately 4-5 students.  This lower ratio provides more one-on-one attention for your child. 
 The 2016-2017 school year marks our 19th year of offering an alternative form of preschool education in our community. We are very excited and proud of our unique program.  The emotional, social, and educational well-being of the children is our top priority.  We are looking forward to meeting and working with you to provide the best possible preschool experience for you and your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at:

Beverly J Ducey

Early Childhood Education

FCCLA - Early Childhood Adviser

Apollo High School