Drafting & Design Assignments

The Ruler Game

Click the link below and follow the directions on the page. Play!

The Ruler Game


Career Planning Assignment

Study hard and always choose excellence.

The information below was for the 2012-2013 school year. All new updates will appear above this message in a top - down format with the most recent assignments listed at the top.

A Historical Account of Technological

Advancements Presented By

Apollo High School Drafting Students

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The assignment is due Friday.

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The Solar Car Project

Follow the directions below before you enter the website for each STEP of the solar car project. Go at your own pace or move ahead but you must meet the deadline for each day. Remember, Period 3 students can print but must leave all prints at the printer (You are still not permitted to leave your desk).

Solar Car Research Detailed Requirements

 Format: Research Paper (not an essay). Each question you answer will become a papragraph of its own. Each paragraph must have between 6-8 sentences. No less, but more is better. Use MS Word, double-spaced, 12 point font.

 Clarity: Is your research easy to read and understand?

 Editing: correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling

 Voice: Did you write your OWN paper or are you copying ideas and words from other people? (YOU WILL NOT COPY & PASTE)

 Bibliography: MLA format for the “Works Cited” Click Here

 Overall Impression: How much would someone learn from reading your paper?

 Monday 4/29: Step 1 - State the Problem

Research and answer the following questions. Each question is its own paragraph and each paragraph must have between 6-8 sentences:

  • What are the main sources of air pollution?
  • What effect does air pollution have on the environment?
  • How do different kinds of energy consumption impact air pollution?

Resources for step 1: (Means just that, use the resources and weblinks in that section)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Step 2 - Research, and Hypothesize or Predict

Research solar energy. You will be researching some general facts about solar energy and its impact on their community. Answer the following questions as one paragraph. Each question must have between 1-2 sentences:

  • How does solar energy work? Draw a diagram.
  • How much power does a solar cell produce?
  • How is solar energy converted to electricity to run a car?
  • How might solar power improve the environment?
  • How widely is it used? (Investigate the practicalities of solar energy, like the amount of sun needed to generate a certain amount of energy - also the costs involved with this, and public attitudes towards solar power.)
  • Why aren't solar cars used more?
  • What are some of the most successful models of solar cars?


Using all your research, create a hypothesis for this question: What are some of the challenges involved with using solar energy to power a car, and how can they be overcome? This is your final paragraph. Specifically, consider:

  • Is solar power a viable energy alternative?
  • What might be some of the pros and cons of relying on solar energy as a primary source of energy for a car?
  • What is the best way to build a solar car?

Resources for step 2 (Means just that, use the resources and weblinks in that section)

The Solar Car Project Link



Thursday & Friday: Step 3 - Plan Your Experiment

These directions are not found on the link above. Please follow my directions. Research what a model solar car might look like and create the following documents.

UPDATE: Check this website out to learn one way to write a material list or proceudre list.

1) A Solidworks drawing of a solar car showing the following components:
Chassis, Wheels axles, and bearings, an aerodynamic design, electonics (including 1 or 2 solar cells, a motor, wires, and a switch).

2) A Material list of items you will need to build it

3) A List of Procedures describing your steps to build it.

Monday May 6 - Friday May 11: Step 4: Build Your Solar Car

UPDATE: Check this website out to learn one way how to make your car.

YAY!!!! It's construction time!!!!!

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The information below was for the 2011 school year. All new updates will appear above this message in a top - down format with the most recent assignments listed at the top.

Career and Employment Planning

Dress to Impress Assignment Details

Arrive to school on the day of your interview: Tuesday November 29, 2011 dressed to impress. [5 Extra Credit Points will be awarded]


Provide a printed picture of yourself dressed for an interview by Tuesday November 22, 2011.

Take the photograph in a bright lit room, outdoors, and/or use a flash.

    You can print-at-home and bring it with you.

    You can bring in a USB drive and print here at school.

    You can email the picture to yourself and print here at school.

    You can email the picture to me at rudy.aguilar@guhsdaz.org Make sure your 
    name and period number is in the subject heading.