Mrs. Grader's US History Syllabus

to the world of history! I am anticipating a fantastic year full of learning and success. My personal goal for this course is that I can help make learning history fun while students achieve a better understanding of the importance of history, because it is our story as a people and as citizens of the world.

Throughout the year, I will teach a vast amount of information that not only will be interesting, but also do it in a way that will be fun and will allow students to be successful in learning. This course will span the founding of the United States to present day.

Course Projects/Assignments:

Tests: All information from lecture notes, quizzes, daily assignments, and reading will be included on tests. There will be a cumulative semester exam both in the Fall and in the Spring. Students will be given ample time to review and study with study guides; therefore, they are expected to be studying on their own time as well. ON EXAM DAYS STUDENTS NEED TO HAVE A #2 PENCIL.

Projects: Projects will consist of hands on learning, magazines, group activities and videos. All projects are due on due date regardless if you are in class or not. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Quizzes: Throughout the year quizzes will be administered to check your comprehension of the content. Although not as lengthy as tests it is important to do well on quizzes.  Unit vocabulary quizzes will be required of students.  Students will be given the vocabulary words at the beginning of the unit and will be required to make flashcards for each word as a method of studying. 

District Exam: In accordance with State Standards, the Glendale Union High School District administers an end of semester exam separate from any class final given by the teacher. This exam is to be taken as seriously as any exam administers by the teacher and does calculate into your final grade for this class each semester. Students will be given ample notification of district exam dates as well as skills and preparation. Because of the style of exam I require that all students have certain required supplies, please see required supplies list. 

Daily Work:  Daily work consists of student participation, notes, reading, and bell work assignments. These assignments will be given frequently and, when instructed to do so, must be turned in to receive credit. Simply showing up and sitting through class does not constitute completing daily work. Put your NAME, DATE, AND PERIOD NUMBER in the upper right hand corner of EVERY paper that you turn in. I am not a handwriting expert and I DO NOT GIVE CREDIT for anonymous work (Translation: no name –no points – no exceptions!!)


Homework: Homework is routinely given and it is expected that students will complete any unfinished work prior to the start of the next day’s class.   Assignments are due at the beginning of each hour, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Absolutely no late work is accepted.  If students are absent than the district make up policy will be followed.


Current Events: To better understand the essential components of history, students are asked to complete Current Events. Current Events will be turned in every other Friday, so we will complete 9  per semester. These small reviews will be worth 10 points a piece and will constitute 10% of your overall grade.

Extra Credit: Extra Credit is given frequently and in a variety of forms. Therefore, failure to complete assignments, study for tests, and maintain a steady grade does not entitle you to more extra credit. If you are concerned about your grade, study, turn in all your work, and complete any extra credit that is given when it is given. Replacement assignments and extra, extra credit is not given for any student under any circumstances. Extra credit given in this class includes extra Current Events and Movie Reviews

Required Student Materials:

Students should have the following every day:

*      Pen (Blue or Black Ink Only)

*      Pencil

*      Notebook Paper (No Spiral Notebooks please)

*      Highlighter

*      200 3x5 index cards


Students need to turn in the following materials to me.

*      One 3-ring Binder, 1 inch width or greater

*      One set of 10 dividers


Grading System: Grading is done on a weighted system; the chart below shows the percentage breakdown for the grading categories. All assignments given to students in class or as homework fits into one of the following categories.


Percentage of Overall Grade

Tests and Projects


District Exam


Semester Final




Current Events


Total Percentage


The following percentage scale will determine your final grade in the class. Grade sheets will be posted regularly. Should you have any questions about your grade you will need to see me before or after school, I do not discuss individual student grades during class.

            90% to 100% =  1

            80% to 89%   =  2

            70% to 79%   =  3

            60% to 69%   =  4

            Less than 60% = 5

No Pass- No Play: School policy on passing classes and being allowed to participate in sports applies in this classroom. Eligibility is done weekly and failing this class will prevent you from playing sports, no exceptions.  Athletes will be required to sign a contract requiring them to come in once at week for 30 minutes once their grade drops below an 70%.  Coaches will be made aware of the contract and whether the student meets the requirements. 

Citizenship Grades: Apollo High School gives citizenship grades of A, S, and U. You will receive a(n):

            A: for exemplary behavior, active participation, one tardy or less, no truancies.

                S: for good behavior, average participation, two or less tardies, and no truancies.

                U: for disruptive behavior, non-participation, 3 or more tardies, and truancies.

Absent Work: If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to check the basket to get any missing assignments. If the student is absent, the student has two days for every day absent to complete or make up the assignment. Students will need to come in before or after school or during learning centers to complete any daily work that was missed. If the assignment is not completed and handed in within the allotted time, the assignment is considered late and will not be accepted. Again, it is your responsibility to get assignments and turn in work that is due when you are absent or excused from class for school functions.

Missed Tests/Projects: Missed tests can be made up after school or by appointment. The schools make up policy applies to all assignments; however, keep in mind that test and projects dates are announced at least 5 days in advance, so being absent the day before a pre-announced test date is not necessarily a legitimate excuse for not taking a test on the scheduled day. Furthermore, failure to make up tests in the allotted time allowed by school policy will automatically constitute a zero in the grade book.

Learning Centers: Learning Centers occur every Wednesday and students who are struggling with the material are strongly encouraged to attend. From time to time, I reserve the right to assign Learning Centers to students who need extra assistance or who need to make up work.

                         Basic Class Procedures/Routines:

Sweeps: Getting swept is a nuisance for you and me, be on time.  You must be in the room and IN YOUR SEAT by the end of the last bell.  I will call to check if any of my students are in Sweeps on test days and I will have you sent to class- it will still count as a tardy.

Restroom Passes: I will give you 4 passes at the start of each semester . You will still need to have your student handbook and any violation or abuse of restroom privileges will result in the loss of the privilege entirely.

Participation: Participation in class is a vital component of both your class grade and your citizenship grade, therefore, it is imperative that you come to class every day on time, prepared, and ready to learn. This means that coming to class to do your hair, make-up, other class work, sleeping or any other distraction is not respectful or acceptable. Any distractions will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.

Completed Work: All completed and graded work will be deposited in a box marked with the class period at the back of the room.  It will be your responsibility to check this box for all returned work:

3 Ring Binder:  You will be required to keep and maintain a binder for US History that will be left in this classroom and maintained.  An assessment grade will be given at the end of each quarter for the content in the binder.  (Purpose: to prepare you for your district exam and to teach you organizational and responsibility skills)

Exiting Class: Remain seated until I dismiss you.

Food, Drinks, and Gum: The class is located in the newest buildings on Apollo’s campus and school rules dictate no food or drinks in classrooms. Therefore, any food or drink (water is okay) is not permitted and must be thrown away or left outside before entering the building. Gum is not permitted in any way as the carpet and the desks are new’ let’s keep the room looking good.

Class Rules and Consequences:

Classroom Rules:

Follow all school rules: If it is a school rule, then it applies in this classroom. Refer to the student handbook id you are not clear on Apollo’s rules.

Leave ALL electronic devices at home. This includes but is not limited to MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Calculators, Digital Cameras, etc. Failure to do so will result in the devise being confiscated and you retrieving the item from the Dean’s office after school. Failure to hand over your electronic devise will be considered insubordination and will result in immediate removal from the learning environment.

Attend class every day ready to learn: Come prepared with all materials, open ears, and an open mind.

Give RESPECT: Respect people, ideas, opinions, and school property.

Select your language carefully: use appropriate language, no cursing, no putdowns, and refrain from the following statements: that’s so… gay, stupid, retarded or that sucks.

 Insubordination:  Will not be tolerated!! If you disagree with a rule, policy, or direction given by the teacher, simply request a private meeting, and we will resolve the issue in private.

Consequences: I reserve the right to use any consequence or combination of the consequences as the situation warrants.

            Level 1: Conference between student and teacher

            Level 2: Classroom Detention

            Level 3: Parental Contact

Level 4: Discipline Referral

Level 5: Removal from Class

Teacher Availability: I am available after school or by appointment most days, to assist students in need of extra help. I do have several commitments to school clubs; therefore I ask students to let me know when they are planning on coming in for extra help. I am only a phone call or email away from any parent/guardian that wishes to convey necessary information about their child or ask questions. I may be reached at 623-435-6300 or .

Classroom Preferences:

*      YOU are responsible for your actions. I expect you to be courteous to your classmates and to the teacher and any guests within the room.

*      Many people (ME) are sensitive to smelly lotions, perfumes, and colognes so I request that you keep the smelly stuff in your bag. 

*      I have provided you with Kleenex’s and hand sanitizer, so PLEASE USE it!!!

*      Announcements are given during third hour. For your benefit and your classmates, be quiet and listen to them.

Video Permission: Throughout the course of the year, we will be watching films or film clips. Visual representations of history are a key tool in your student’s education. Therefore, whenever possible film clips depicting battles, monumental events, or people will be shown in class. Unfortunately, human history has had some gruesome events and any visual representation of such events is above a PG-13 rating. Therefore, I require that all students, regardless of age, have parent permission to view any film or film clips I show in class. If you do not wish for your students to see any visuals that are above a PG-13 rating simply contact me at the email or phone number listed below and I will be happy to find an alternative assignment for your student. Although I do not keep a comprehensive list of the films and clips I show in class you are more than welcome to contact me at any time to learn of what I am planning to use in the classroom.

Again, I am excited for our year at Apollo.


 Mrs. Grader

U.S. History Teacher

Close Up Sponsor

Apollo High School