Document Analysis Questions
Document Analysis Questions

After reading the article, answer the questions that your class was assigned.

- What was the major point conveyed by this article (the main idea)?

1.     Does this article relate to our current unit of study? Explain your answer.
Explain 3 points made by the author and how they are either valid or invalid arguments.
Was this article written from a conservative or liberal point of view? Cite a valid point from the article.
4.     Identify one of the facts used to support the article’s main point.
5.     What position would the President of the United States take on this article?
6.     Are the points made by the author legal or illegal? Explain their legality.
What impact does the main idea of the article have on our society? Explain your answer.
8.     Are there any Free Speech implications involved in the article? What are they?
9.     Describe a current situation where the article would influence people’s opinion.
10.  Why do you think the author wrote this article? Explain your answer.
Did the author successfully convince you of his/her opinion? Explain your answer.
Do you agree with the author’s position? Why or why not?
Which specific people or groups does this article affect? Explain your answer.
Who do you think the author had in mind as his/her target audience? What evidence guided you to that conclusion?
15.  Do you agree with the focus of the article? Explain why or why not.
What is an opposing point not mentioned by the author?
17.  Was the article written well enough to change people’s opinions about the issue? Explain your answer.
18.  Do you think the author is a Democrat, Republican or Independent? Explain how you came to this determination.
19.  Does the Constitution support the position of the author? Support your answer.
Is the article free of opinion? If not, what information was opinion based and not based on fact?
21.  Is the author’s position moral or immoral? How?
Would this article have been written in another state? Another country? Explain your answer.
What impact does the main idea of the article have on you/your family? Explain your answer.
What implication does this article have on the future?