Philosophy of Proficiency
Borrowing an idea from flight instruction, there are only a few deadlines in my class. 

Rather there is the concept of proficiency.  Once proficiency is achieved credit is given.  Seldom can an instructor pilot predict when a given student will be ready to solo or take the airplane up alone.  The number of attempts to land will vary.   A student is ready to solo when he or she can safely take an airplane up and return for an uneventful landing.  That is the standard.

I expect my students to take knowledge from this class at a level that is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the state and the district.  The only real deadline is the end of the semester when the student must show proficiency in the standards that have been presented for me to teach.  This philosophy allows the student to learn from the process self discipline and teaches that the values of hard work and persistence and self reliance will pay off. 

Second chances and different approaches are routine in this process.  For example,  each Unit and the Sections that make up the unit are posted on the computers in the Media Center for use by any student.  This allows the student to proceed at his or her own pace to become familiar with the contents of each class if the student was unsuccessfull for whatever reason in class. (See me for the steps needed to view these class presentations.) 

Also a World History Skills Manuel will be posted in the drop box.  This manuel explains skills such as how to read effectively, how to read charts and graphs, specific vocabulary you need to know, how to make a presentation, how to interpret a document from history, how to read a political cartoon and so forth.  In other words these skills teach a student how to think for him/herself. 

This manuel will be used in class to learn skills we need to have to solve various problems that come up in class.  It is a "how to" for many of the questions/challenges that will confront you as you proceed forward in life in further education and work.  Education, work and life itself amount to problem solving.  Apollo is the place we intend to teach you how to deal with that process.  In other words this class teaches you how to succeed. 

Consistently 75 to 80% of our Apollo graduates go on to higher education in sorme form.  This class intends to prepare you for that future.