Classroom Procedures for Mr. Freiwald’s History Class

Procedures are part of life. We followprocedures for a variety of reasons. The reason we have procedures in life isso that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficientways other people do things. There are also procedures in this classroom.These procedures establish our classroom culture.

    1.When are some other times that you follow procedures??

    2.What is culture??? 

Entering Class- Enter the classroom and be prepared for class to start. Please wait for an appropriate time to ask me for anything after I have taken attendance and all students are working. NOT WHILE I AM TALKING PLEASE?? (RESPECT)

Getting your attention and quieting down- PLEASE quiet down the first time I ask nicely.


 When you are tardy-Once the tardy bell or last bell has rung you MUST GO TO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE FOR A TARDY SLIP!!!! The excusal pass from another teacher should be legible, have their name printed, and time you left their room.

Leaving the classroom/Bathroom Pass-You are getting eight bathroom passes touse at your discretion. If you need a pass to go anywhere else besides thebathroom or water fountain I will make you out a pass to go to the desireddestination

Assignments- All assignments need to be 100% COMPLETE to be graded. NO INCOMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS!

Turning in papers-Turn in papers to collection box. Make sure your name and period is on the top. No name papers are recycled.

When you are absent-Ask another student first or see me after school.

Grades- Will be posted at the beginning of every week.

NO DRINKS NO FOOD!Water bottles with a cap may be kept in your backpack, bag or purse.

End-of-period class dismissal- STAY IN YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE BELL HAS RUNG!!!! If the situation warrants I will not let anybody leave until everybody is seated.

Extra-Help-I will be in my room after school from 2:35-3:30 almost every day. Learning Center  Days on Wednesdays are from 8:15-8:55. If you are failing or in the 60% (D) range you should attend.

Respect Others- Saying"PLEASE" and "THANK-YOU" will get you a lot farther in this class and everybody in class will appreciate you more. Showing a little respect goes a long way..   

Accept that learning is something that no one can do for you!


“How can I improve my grade?”

Consequence Steps       1)Warning                                    2)Call

                                         3)Discipline Action Report         4) See DEAN

Consequences steps will be followed according to the degree of the infraction!!!!