Rules- I have five simple rules to follow.

1. Be in your seat when the bell rings.

2. Stay in your assigned seat.

3. Bring required materials to class.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5. Respect yourself and others. 


Required Materials- You will need these EVERYDAY in class:

1 Bring a Pen or pencil. Please NO colored pens!

2. Three ring binder with loose leaf paper and tabbed dividers.

Assignments-You will have assignments in this class. Every assignment should contain your name in the upper right hand corner along with your period. UNIT name if possible for example, World Religions, Greeks, Rome...

Testing Policy-Tests and quizzes are given on a regular basis.  Please do not be absent on a test day. If you are absent it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to take your test. There are NO RETAKES! Please study and know the material the first time you take the test. Remember, you will see this information again on the Semester Final Exam.

Testing Procedures- 

No talking of any kind is permitted until all tests or quizzes are turned in. Desk should be cleared.

Grading Scale- Grades are based on cumulative assignments, tests, quizzes,notebook, and exam. Also any other added assignments like current events, extra projects and presentations could be added if we have enough time in the semester.        

                90-100%        A

                 80-89%          B

                 70-79%          C

                60-69%          D

                  < 60%          F

Late work is “With all due respect “unacceptable. However, since “failure is not an option” all work will be turned in if you want to pass this class. Missing assignment reports and failure reports will be sent out on weekends. Grades will ONLY be posted on Mondays.

Your citizenship grade is based on classroom behavior,absences, and tardies.      A= Above Average(No tardies, absences, leader in class) Think outside the box

                    S= Satisfactory(Some absences, one tardy, good behavior) Think within the box

                    U= Unsatisfactory(Five Absences, two or more tardies, poor behavior) NO Thinking


  • No electronic devices are permitted in this class. Put them away in your backpack, bag, pocket or purse and leave them there. If I see it I ask for it!!! SEE DEAN AFTER SCHOOL to get any confiscated items back.
  • Eat in the Cafeteria. Groom in the Restrooms. Sleep at home in your bed, not in class. Do your work as soon as assigned so you can get it done.
  • Please respect my personal space by not going behind my desk or borrowing/ disturbing anything on my desk. If you need something, just ask. Pencils, pen paper, bandage, tape or etc….
  • All bags, purses, backpacks, etc. should be off the desk and on the floor.   
  • We do not line up or huddle around the door!!!!!!! This is when problems occur. Please stay in seat!!!