Government Syllabus

Government Syllabus

Herb Zamar

Apollo High School

First of all, let me say welcome to your Senior year at Apollo High School, and welcome to Government. The focus of the U.S. Government class is to enable students to understand, analyze, and evaluate the nature of the practice of democracy in the United States.


All students MUST have a notebook for this class, and must bring it to class daily. You will need a LARGE 3 ring binder . You will also need to bring lined note paper, a pen or pencil, to every class. Highlighters are also helpful.

Homework and Classwork

All homework is DUE at the beginning of class on the assigned date. The only exception to this is if you have an excused absence the day an assignment was given. If you are in class the day an assignment is given, then you are expected to hand that assignment in the day it is due or the first day you return to school after the due date.

            If your absence is unexcused, you will not be able to turn the assignment in for credit.  If your absence is excused, it may be necessary for you to request an alternative assignment if we have already collected and graded the assignment while you were absent.

            Important Note: The Make-up

policy in the handbook states that you have 3 days after an excused absence to complete assignments given when you were absent. It is your responsibility to get assignments and turn in work that is due when you are absent or excused from class for school functions.

            Check the east class calendar for assignments and get the necessary papers if any were given on the day you were absent. It is strongly recommended that you send a request for homework if you expect to be absent for more than three days. A homework request can be submitted to the Counseling Office and they will forward it to your teachers. Note: Although, this is a Social Studies class and not an English class, it is expected that all assignments will be neat, legible and apply standard language conventions.

What You Need to Know for Government Class.


Apollo Blue and Gold (Fight Song)

In blue and gold

as brave and bold,

Apollo takes the field.

All hearts a-fire,

with one desire,

to fight and never yield.


 Our Hawks will win the game we’re in,

Like champ-i-ons of old.

We’ll fight ‘till we bring vic-tor-y,

To honor the blue and gold.


            I firmly believe that everyone can learn the material presented in his class. It just may be that some of you will need additional study time  in order to master the information, and some will need to come in for extra help during learning centers. All assessments will be kept on file in the classroom. The nine-week and semester grades are based on the total points earned.  Points will be accumulative. First quarter points + second quarter points + the semester final = the semester grade.


Prior to each unit test and the final examination we will review the assessed topics by completing a test study guide.

Final Examinations

At the end of the semester there will be one 50 question test. This test will cover all information taught that semester. The value of the test will be worth approximately 20 percent of your semester grade. Because the final examination is taken on the final day of class there are no opportunities to re-test. Study!

Students who have zero or one absence during the semester will be excused from the final exam. School functions do not count toward the absence total.

District PBA

In November and April there is a district-wide document based assessment. This writing assignment takes place over a weeks time in class and constitutes approximately 20 percent of your class grade. Practice assessments throughout the semester will prepare you for the final PBA.

Unit Quizzes

On average there will be at least one 25—35 question quiz for each unit. There are no re-takes on quizzes. Study!

Learning Centers 

All students are encouraged to attend Learning Centers when help is needed. If you are failing the class, you may be assigned to attend a Learning Center. This will be a great opportunity to make-up missing work.


Note: Regular and consistent attendance and participation in all class activities and discussions are behavioral expectations in this class.

A (Outstanding) - student’s performance in class has a positive influence on the class.

S (Satisfactory) - student adheres to the rules and procedures of the class.

U (Unsatisfactory) - student’s behavior is disruptive to the class. 

Tardy Policy

The tardy policy is as follows: If you are not in the room and in your seat by the last bell you will be considered tardy and sent to the Attendance Office.



Major Course

National Government Institutions /Constitution

The Political Spectrum
The Constitution
The Executive Branch
The Legislative Branch
The Judicial Branch

B. Individual Rights:

Bill of Rights
Substantive Due Process
Procedural Due Process

C. Arizona Direct

Arizona State Government
Recall / Initiative
Popular Referendum
Legislative Referendum



Be responsible and respectful. You’ve made it this far in your educational career so you know a thing or two about surviving in a classroom setting.

All school rules apply in class.

Consequences For Rule

Consequence 1:         Teacher / Student conference (warning)

Consequence 2:         Classroom Detention

Consequence 3:         Discipline Referral

Classroom Procedures /

At the beginning of each class period if there is a “Bell Ringer” on the screen follow the directions or complete the assignment listed on the screen.

Please be prepared for class. Bring a pen or pencil and your note packet. Also, bring along any related work or assignments.

You must be in the room and IN YOUR SEAT by the end of the last bell! Regular and consistent attendance is expected—you cannot participate if you are not present. If you are absent, YOU are responsible for getting your make-up work. Daily assignments are posted on the calendar.

Put your FULL NAME (first and last) in the upper right hand corner of EVERY paper that you turn in. I am not a handwriting expert and I DO NOT GIVE CREDIT  for anonymous work. (Translation: no name, no points!) The purpose of assignments given in class are for one (or more) of the following purposes: preview of information to be discussed, review or reinforcement of information taught in class or as EXTRA enrichment materials. I hope you will take advantage of the learning opportunities they will provide.

Reminder– homework is due at the beginning of the hour on the due date.

With a properly excused absence, you may turn in assignments in accordance with school policy for full credit. All absent or late assignments are to  be turned in to me. Your full name, date, period number and name of assignment must be written on all absent or late work.

Late work is not accepted.

All completed and graded assignments will be deposited in that class hour’s assignment box behind my desk. If you are missing an assignment please see me and I’ll tell you where to look to see if you turned in the assignment and why your points were not recorded.

The announcements are given during 3rd hour. For your benefit, please be quiet and listen to them.

My desk, files and the area behind my desk are off limits to all students without prior permission. Please be respectful of my space as I will be toward yours.

The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher dismisses the class.

If you have questions or need extra help, I am available at the following times: 7:30am—7:55am every day except Wednesday.  Between 8:25am—8:55am Wednesday morning during Learning Center. Between 2:35pm and 3:00pm Monday thru Friday. Other times will be by special arrangement.

I can be contacted at 623-435-6300. My E-mail address is