Welcome to Biology, this is going to be a great year!  In order for everyone to be successful in this course, there are certain guidelines that must be met.  The Biology course is designed to introduce you to the miraculous aspects of life around you.  Some of the topics we will be covering are:  Cells, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology and much more.

Instructor:  Mr. Biesbrouck

Phone #:  623-435-6300

Required materials:

-         Spiral notebook

-         Pen

Classroom expectations:  The following are behaviors that I expect you to exhibit at all times.  You are a high school student and as such I expect you to act as young adults.

-         Respect:  I will always show you respect and I expect the same from you.

-         Be on time!  There are no more sweeps.  Students that are tardy will be sent to the attendance office where you will receive a detention.

-         Watch your language!  Cursing is handled immediately by me.

-         No cell phones, i-phones or i-pods.  If I see any of these items I will confiscate them and send them to the attendance office.

-         Where appropriate clothing in class and on campus, dress code will be enforced!

-         No CHEATING…I won’t tolerate cheating.  If you are caught cheating, there will be immediate repercussions.

*Consequences can be a warning, conference, phone call home, detention or school referral.

Grading Scale:

100 - 90 = A

89 - 80  =  B

79 - 70  =  C

69 - 60  =  D

59 or below = F


75 % of your grade will be based off of test results. 

20% of you grade will come from homework, labs, and activities.

5% of your grade will be based on participation.

Make up work is handled on a case by case basis.  If you miss school you must get with me immediately for your assignments.

I have an open door policy and can be easily reached for questions or help.