All Course Syllabi
Career and Technology Education Department
Course Policies and Procedures for:
  • Drafting & Design Technology;

  • Mechanical Drafting & Design;
  • Architectural Drafting & Design



 Instructor: Mr. Rudy Aguilar

A pledge to my students:  
I will provide you with the opportunity to excel in a successful learning environment. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will help you meet your learning goals. I will offer extra help should you require it. I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I expect you to give me the same trust and respect in return.

At the end of the year, first-year drafters take a performance-based assessment (PBA) of their knowledge.  All advanced drafters take an AZ Department of Education assessment of their drafting knowledge. It is my goal as your teacher to have you prepared to excel on your exams.


This course covers principles fundamental to the drafting and design of mechanical or architectural drawings.  The drawings will be produced using both manual equipment and Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems.

You will develop drafting skills through hand-drawing and CAD. The curriculum is designed to be challenging and self-paced.  The subject matter requires a lot of concentration until the basic concepts are learned.  I expect to have your undivided attention until these concepts are learned. 

In order to have a successful experience in this class, you must complete all drawings, homework, and class activities.  For the first few weeks, drafters will hand-draw sketches with pencils before using CAD to create drawings.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

§  Use the proper methods of lettering

§  Use the proper techniques of sketching

§  Apply the use of drafting tools and equipment

§  Use scales and measurements

§  Understand the Alphabet of Lines and use proper line techniques

§  Apply the principles of geometric construction

§  Create orthographic drawings

§  Use the fundamental principles of dimensioning & annotations

§  Create drawings with sectional views

§  Draw pictorial views of objects

§  Apply Computer Aided Drafting commands

§  Create Mechanical and/or Architectural drawings

§  Explore career pathways and career planning

§  Develop intrapersonal skills, goal setting, and accountability

§  Team leadership habits and skills

§  Apply safe work habits

§  Develop verbal and written communication skills 

See attachments:


I offer time for students who were absent or need more time to complete assignments.  For participating, you can earn one (1) credit point per visit for a maximum of 18 credit points per semester.
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri:  7:30am - 7:55am
Wed:  8:20am - 8:55am

When I am not coaching or at a meeting:  Mon – Thurs:  2:40pm - 3:30pm  



These rules are intended to maintain a successful learning environment.  Any violations by you will result in disciplinary action. 

 1.      Be prepared - Be at your desk ready to learn with your materials when class begins.

2.      Be productive - Know due dates.  Turn in your work on time.  Always do your best.

3.      Be responsible - Protect furniture, computers, tools, and equipment.  Please no tagging, no engraving, and do not break equipment.

4.      Be a polite participant - Speak clearly and listen attentively.  Talking is not permitted during lessons.

5.      Be respectful - Please value individual differences. Avoid profanity. Avoid hurtful language.


In addition, any student written up for bad behavior while I am absent by a substitute, for any reason, will automatically receive 2 hours of detention when I return.


Failure to follow these next rules will result in more serious disciplinary action!

  •         Plagiarism is stealing.  Do not copy!  Do your own work!
  •         Internet use is prohibited.  Never play online computer games.
  •         Do not insert objects into the disc drives nor abuse/steal any computer equipment.



Orders of the house

  •          Food, drinks, gum, and candy are not allowed.
  •         Bathroom passes are limited to one per quarter.
  •         Conserve and recycle paper – use the back of used paper for sketches.
  •         Use the recycle bin. Do not place tissues, Styrofoam, wrappers, or trash in the recycle bin.
  •         Moving about the room without my consent is not allowed. Raise your hand and ask permission before you leave your desk or work area.
  •         Raise your hand before you ask a question and if you need my attention.  Disrespectfully shouting my name distracts me and your classmates.
  •         Do not throw tools to another student. That is a safety hazard.
  •         Meet your classmates.  Get to know their hobbies, culture, interests, and views on life.
  •         Have a library book available and read that book when you finish assignments early.


Your grade is based on a cumulative point system with a total point value depending on the amount of coursework assigned. 

Drawings and homework can earn a maximum of 10 points each.  Your score depends on a rubric using these factors: neatness, accuracy, dimensions, view alignment, and alphabet of lines.  A drawing with no errors will earn the maximum 10 points.  Some assignments, team projects, construction projects and tests will have larger point values. Students in my advanced drafting classes earn daily points during extended design projects in order to promote bell-to-bell activity.

Grades are posted weekly online, and students and parents are always welcome to discuss grades with me.  If you see an assignment with a grade of
missing or 0, this indicates you did not finish the assignment, but you still must do it.  If you see an assignment with a grade of blank, this indicates a future assignment, which has not yet been assigned or one recently assigned.


Grades are based on the following formula:

Each Quarter                                            Grade Scale

80% Drawings/Sketches                         90 - 100%        = 1 (A)

20% Tests or Projects                             80 – 89%         = 2 (B)

                                                                70 - 79%          = 3 (C)

Each Semester                                        60 – 69%         = 4 (D)

50% Quarter 1 or Quarter 3 plus              below 60%      = 5 (F)

40% Quarter 2 or Quarter 4 plus

10% Semester exam or Assessment



Each assignment has a deadline which must be met.  Each assignment is due when indicated.  Any late work may be denied full credit (minus 10% per day) after the due date.


Homework is due the next day.  You will have homework in this class.  However, you should not expect homework assignments every day since projects require tools only available in my room. 


You are allowed to revise any assignment for a re-grade but only once per assignment. This does not apply to projects or tests.


If you are absent, you are responsible for getting class notes, assignments, etc. from another student.  Because drafting requires tools only available in my room, you must complete absent assignments during learning center. 
Books and tools cannot be taken home.


A maximum of 18 extra credit points per semester if you attend learning center or extended learning opportunities. No other extra credit opportunities are available.

I am looking forward to another very successful year,


 Mr. Rudy Aguilar