Letters of Recommendation

Need a Letter of Recommendation for college or Jobs?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts


  • Ask for letters from people who know you well and have a positive opinion of you.
  • Give letter-writers a written list of your achievements and strengths before you want them to write a letters. Tell the writer things about yourself that grades and tests scores can’t.
  • Give letter-writers at least two weeks to write a letters.
  • Follow through with the letter-writer to pick it up. It is frustrating to write a letter and the person never picks it up.
  • Thank anyone who has taken the time to write a recommendation for you. Written thank-you notes are best.


  • Use someone as a reference without asking permission.
  • Make rush requests. Good letters take time to write, so give letter writers at least two weeks.

Remember letters definitely factor in on scholarship and jobs, so make sure you plan ahead!